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EKPO Engineering engages in two main activities within the building, industrial and public works sectors. These are Technical Engineering and Project Management.

EKPO Engineering can intervene in different stages of your project by providing the following services:

  • BPD Basic Preliminary Design: Basic technical study in order to determine a first investment budget and project time schedule,
  • BP Business Plan: Drafting a 3 to 5 years P&L,
  • FEED Front End Engineering Design: More detailed budget and time schedule, feasibility study, process, layout and structure drafts,
  • DE Detailed Engineering: All the needed drawings and detailed calculation are made to accomplish the project in his entirety.

We can complete the following types of project management assignments for the Contracting Authority or the Final User:

  • DPM Delegated Project Management : The client delegates its missions (definition of the project, selection of the prime contractor, approval BPD, choice of contractors, etc …) to us,
  • CE Consulting Engineering : Provides the complete interface between the client and the contractors. In this mission, he represents the “project manager of the client” and ensures the achievement of quality objectives, cost and time of the project,
  • ACA Assisting the Contracting Authority : Review of documents and intermediate validations in assistance of the project manager of the project owner,
  • PMM Project Management Mission : Send a project manager to the site throughout the project so that he can organize, schedule, coordinate, plan, manage the administrative part and finalize the project.

When technical studies and project management are entrusted to EKPO, we carry out EPCM projects (Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management), which we believe is the best option to reach success in a project.